Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sales/Deals: 50% Off Pinkyparadise Circle Lenses (EXPIRES IN LESS THAN 24 HRS)

Hello there lovelies! Are you on the hunt for circle lenses for your everyday wear, special occasion, or even for Halloween? Check out Pinkyparadise NOW to get 50% off circle lenses!

As you may (or may not) know, Pinky Paradise is one of the main sites where I purchase circle lenses. I've been a customer of theirs for years and years now, and I have always loved the selection of lenses, the customer service, etc.

At this time, Pinky Paradise is giving bloggers the opportunity to give their readers a discount code. I do apologize I couldn't get the code out sooner to you in an official blog post, but if you have been following my Twitter or Instagram, I have mentioned it the past couple of days.

This coupon code applies to* and the coupon code is HALLOWEEN2014CHRISTINE


  • This code is only applicable to lenses (except Phantasee series, monthly lenses and Toric- Astigmatism lenses). Any other products, such as cosmetics will not be included.
  • This code will expire Monday, October 6th world time. (I have no idea what world time is, so for safe measures, I would just go with whatever the time is in Kumar Lumpur (where they ship out the lenses.) As of this post being posted, the current time is 11AM.
  • This code is available for one time purchase per customer.
For my purchase, I picked up the Geo Tri Color Green (for the sister) and G&G Max Pure Pink. Don't forget with your purchase, you get a free lens case, so if you had one in particular that you wanted, include it in the notes before your confirm your purchase!

Good luck with your week and I hope you enjoy browsing the site!

Disclaimer: I will not receive anything if you  use the code. This post does contain a referral link denoted by *. I will receive a small commission should you make a purchase through the link. Thank you again for the support! As always, opinions are my own.