Monday, November 24, 2014

Ipsy October 2014 Glam Bag: Beauty Candy

Hello there! I'm slowing catching up on my Ipsy blog series, so today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on Ipsy's October Glam Bag. I finally got a chance to try out the last couple products and now I feel like I can give you guys a better look into these products!

As I mentioned in a previous post, my Ipsy posts will be a bit delayed because I want to include a review on these products, rather than a first impression. I am trying to upload my unboxing videos for Ipsy in a more timely manner, so you can check out what I received earlier on in the month!

October's theme was Beauty Candy and the products come in this gorgeous dark teal bag.  From the sneak peeks, I thought the bag was going to be a bit lighter, but I love it all the same. The material is reminds me of shiny tiles, and it has a glossy, plastic-y feel. It's a durable bag as well!

Products in the Bag:

Ayres Patagonia Body Butter (1 oz)
Initially, I didn't really care for the body butter, but after a couple of uses, I can definitely say I am a fan. I didn't like it at first because of the hint of rosemary, but it is not an overpowering smell, so I got used to it. This body butter is extremely moisturizing, which is perfect for this cooler season! I love how fast it gets absorbed into the skin, and there's no greasy feeling after using this. The skin instantly feels nourished and hydrated after using this product. This body butter helps with even the driest, chapped skin! This body butter is paraben free and propylene glycol free. It is a naturally derived product and no animal testing was done in the making of this product! (Full sized 6.75 oz, $28)

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser (0.5 fl oz)
This cleanser smells okay from the little tube, but there is a light scent of something that I don't like when I use it on my face. This cleanser has two key ingredients that are quite beneficial to the skin: strawberry fruit extract and hydrolyzed wheat protein. This cleanser can be used to remove eye makeup and as a mask as well. I have just used it as a cleanser; this product has a gel-like consistency. It does a decent job of removing makeup. I feel like it does make my skin feel more refreshed and it doesn't strip away moisture from my skin. This product can also be used to clean makeup brushes! Very versatile product indeed! (Full sized 4 oz, $32)

Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer in On A Gilt Trip (0.5 oz)
I absolutely love this gold color. It's a perfect accent color for the holiday season. The polish is long lasting and opaque after one good coat. The site described this as a satiny, matte finish. While I initially do see a matte finish, it doesn't seem to last long. If you're not a fan of matte, just go over the polish with a top coat and you're good to go. I'm pretty excited to use this polish for upcoming holiday nail looks! In the photo, the polish was swatched on the middle finger. On the ring finger is Butter London Champers, and Butter London Teddy Girl is used on the remaining nails. (Full size is provided, $6.99)

Noyah Lipstick in Deeply in Mauve (1.4 g)
This is a pretty shade for fall and the cooler months! I am pleased with the pigmentation and the overall feel of this lipstick. Beautiful mauve shade. I can get away with wearing this for a day look as well as a night look, though it is a bolder shade! I always have chapped lips, and this isn't a really hydrating lipstick, so just something to keep in mind! I'm not a huge fan on lipstick in general, so I might not reach for this product too often. Side note: product is all natural!
(Full size 4.5 g, $18)

Skone Cosmetics Tattoed Waterproof Eyeliner (0.07 oz)
I always love trying out new liquid eyeliners, and I am quite happy with this product! It features a
nice felt tip pen applicator, which is firm and helps create the neatest lines! There's barely any smudging with this eyeliner by the end of the day. Love the longevity of this product. I am quite picky with liquid eyeliners in the sense that it has to be a solid, smooth line. I don't like dealing with little gaps here and there (and having to go back and put on more eyeliner), and this eyeliner doesn't do that. It gives a wonderful solid, black line! Since the tip is so thin and precise, I can get it into the lash liner to avoid gaps between the lashes and the liner. Absolutely love this product! It helps me create an eyeliner look with ease! (Full size is provided, $15)

Overall thoughts! I love how there are two skincare items in this month's bag! My two favorites from this bag are the eyeliner and the body butter! Quite impressed with them! They will be getting a lot of use out of them! I like how versatile the cleanser is, even though I don't really like the scent. The polish will be perfect for upcoming holiday looks! (I've actually already used it as an accent color in a previous Manicure Monday!) The lipstick I am feeling neutral about, but I guess it could have been worse. Overall, I'm happy with the bag!

Retail Value of the Bag: ~$39.10

Here is my unboxing for this bag:

I hope you enjoyed the post! Will work on November's bag after the Thanksgiving holiday! Have a lovely week and a wonderful time with friends and family!