Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Manicure Monday: Featuring Gradient Glitter Nails

Hi there! It's cold! (But I'm sure Cali coldness is nothing compared to other places) Today I just wanted to do a quickie post on this week's Manicure Monday! It's one of my favorite kinds of nail looks that is so simple to do!

For this nail look, I wanted to incorporate autumn and the holidays all in one. (Family thanksgiving dinner means time to have fancy looking nails!) I love the look of these nails, it definitely adds a glitzy glam factor!

For a base coat, I used Coco from Julep which is described as an oxblood creme shade. It's kind of like a rich reddish/brownish shade, perfect for the fall and winter season. Two coats were used for opacity. I love how easy it is to apply Julep polishes. It's not runny and thick and gloopy either! I've had pleasant experiences with Julep polishes thus far!

For the glitter, I decided to use OPI Gaining Molementum from the Muppets Most Wanted Collection. While this polish does have pink, white, and gold glitter pieces, I feel that gold definitely stands out the most in this bunch of color, which is perfectly fine with me! I think gold and oxblood is such a lovely combination of colors! This polish has different shapes of glitter...there's some shards, triangles, rectangles, sprinkles, etc which makes the overall nail look a lot more fun.
There was a bit of placement done to get the glitter to my liking. I made sure that there would be little glitter flecks throughout the nail, but the bigger pieces would be towards the top half of the nail. After rearranging the glitter pieces, I would go back and add even more of the glitter pieces to the tips of my nails, which in turn, creates a gradient-like effect of glitter!

I think this is a great nail look for the holiday season especially for those of you who like to glam up your nails! I hope you enjoyed my Manicure Monday! Have a lovely Thanksgiving, and don't go too crazy on those Black Friday deals ;] (Have you seen Sephora's sneak peeks?! Can't wait to check out that Origins Skincare Set thing!)

Take care lovelies!