Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Manicure Monday: Striping Tape #2 Negative Space Nails

Hello there! Happy Monday! Weekends seem so short nowadays. Insert sad panda face here. Today I wanted to share a fun french tip, negative space kind of nail design. Looking back at this, I made this design using the most hardest, inconvenient technique ever (sounds like something I'd do...)

I went back to playing with striping tape for this nail look. I think it would have been much easier creating the little "negative space" area using just the corner of any regular tape. Going about that route would have make the triangular areas a bit more uniform. At least the end result doesn't look that terrible. (At least that's what I think!)

As you can guess from my color combo, I am not in the mood to go full swing into fall colors yet. I have been absolutely loving this pale pink shade- Butter London Teddy Girl. I featured it in last month's Manicure Monday post. Come check it out here if you haven't already! As an accent shade, I decided to try out the Nicole by OPI On a Gilt Trip (from last month's Ipsy bag), which is a gorgeous, shimmery-sparkly medium gold shade. I think gold and pink look so pretty together!

For the striping tape, I used #25 from bornprettystore.com (direct product link here). Like I mentioned earlier, it would be less work to just use regular tape to create the shape. There are also vinyl stickers that would have this "V" shape, for easier application. Of course, I would choose the harder and more time consuming method to create these nails. I say this because it does take a bit of work lining up each side of the V so the ends meet at a nice and clean corner.  I really like how these nails ended up regardless.

Products Used:
  • Butter London Teddy Girl
  • Nicole by OPI On a Gilt Trip
  • Striping tape (#25)
  • Flat nail art brush
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
  1. (Optional) Apply base coat
  2. Stick the striping tape about half way down the nail and towards the middle of the nail. The point should be roughly right in the middle of the nail.
  3. Using whatever polish you choose, carefully paint in the area from the middle of the nail to the tips. You can use a  nail art brush to help fill it in, Don't worry about it being a little messy, you can always go back and fix it up later.
  4. I had to use two coats for opacity, so after the first coat dried a bit, I applied the second coat on, and removed the tape before the polish dries completely.
  5. (Optional) Apply a different color on your accent nail(s)!
  6. Taking a little brush and nail polish remover, fix up the edges of the corner.
  7. Apply a top coat to seal off the look and to let your nails shine!
Overall, I love the look of the nails. I was debating between calling this nail look french tips or negative space like nails. In my personal opinion, they should belong to both categories, since there are elements of both types in this nail look!

I hope you enjoyed my Manicure Monday this week! 

Take care and stay warm lovelies!