Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[Late] Manicure Monday: Featuring Glitter Gradient New Year's Nails

Hello there lovelies! Over here we still have an hour until New Year's! Before the year is over, I want to share one last manicure post~ a fun glittery mani for you!

I've had these nails for the past week, but I haven't had the chance to blog (What's new...right?)

I was feeling kind of lazy, but I still wanted some nails for the new year, so I decided to go with a simple glitter gradient nail look!

I wasn't in the mood to wait around for the base coat to dry, so I just applied one coat of Covergirl Glowing Nights in Laser Lights, which is a glossy black shade. Luckily for me, this nail polish was good enough for me to get away with just one coat and it dried quickly! (Happy panda face!)

Since New Year's and glittery craziness go hand in hand, I decided to use Sinful Colors in Pride for the glitter polish. (Goal for 2015: Find a glitter polish with shards and fun shapes!) Pride has a bunch of different colors of glitter which I think is just perfect against the base color. I just used the nail polish brush to pack on the glitter at the tips, and lightly brush some of the glitter downward. I had to go back and do some touching up at the tips so the glitter would be more dense there. (I was too lazy to use a top coat, but it ended up looking nice still...xD)

I hope you lovelies have a safe holiday season and let's make 2015 our year! Take care always!