Monday, December 15, 2014

Manicure Monday: Golden Tipped Nails!

Herro there! Happy Monday! I wanted to share with you some nice glittery nails that are suitable for the end of winter/holiday season!

It's a simple diagonal french-y tip kind of style using two different kinds of glitters and a rich wine shade to make the nails a bit more holiday appropriate.

I once again used the striping tape to get the lines down. (That's how they look nice and crisp!)

All I did was paint on two coats of Pacifica Red Red Wine and wait for it to completely dry before playing with the striping tape. I wanted the glitter to go above and beyond! so I used Nicole by OPI on a Gilt Trip and OPI I Found A Pot of Gold for the tips.

To prevent the paint from peeling when removing the tape, I did a very thin layer of the Gilt trip and then went crazy with the thicker glitter polish (Pot of Gold). The thin layer helps the glitter stand out more, as it'll provide a nice base on top of the red shade. While the tips are still somewhat wet, remove the tape so it does not start peeling away the paint, which will completely mess up the sharp lines.

I used a thin nail art brush to go and fix up any little mistakes and sealed everything off with a top coat to keep it looking nice and smooth.

It's probably easier to see in person, but the finger on the right has just the base glitter coat. It's a bit lighter and more white than the other fingers. It makes a whole world of a difference adding on the extra glitter!

I hope you enjoyed this Manicure Monday! Take care!