Monday, January 12, 2015

Manicure Monday: White Meets Pink Fishnet Nails!

Hai there!~ How are those New Year's resolutions going? Going well I hope! I finally got my Molang planner, so I can get started on being more organized! It's so cute! I will definitely do some posts about it later on! For now, let's get into this week's Manicure Monday!

I originally was thinking about doing a pink and white striped nails kind of like the Victoria Secret stripe design found on their cute accessories/makeup bags/techie stuff/etc. Something girly and sweet and pretty! I kind of got bored with the plain stripes (and I made them too thin..) so I ended up making a fishnet kind of design..
I used two coats of Butter London in Teddy Girl which is a medium pinkish white shade.  For some reason, it shows with a hint of purple undertones in the picture. This nail polish wasn't cooperating with me today. It was streaky! Sad panda facey. For the white, I went to my default, Sinful Colors in Snow Me White. I think pink and white is such a chic yet sweet combo!
I wanted to experiment with some nail art brushes I picked up a while back from BornPrettyStore. For this look, I used a dotting tool and two striper nail art brushes. (I used two because I couldn't decide which one to use!) The longer, thinner one is actually a lot easier to use than I initially thought! It just takes a tiny bit of getting used to, but it makes lines so effortlessly!

To make the little fishnet-like design, I first started by making vertical stripes. After those lines had time to dry, I started putting on diagonal stripes, and ended up with this fishnet effect. If you don't have a steady hand, just position the brush and move your nail instead of moving the brush.

For the bow, I started by creating two vertical lines. Next, I put a dot in between the two lines to act as a guideline. From there, just connect the ends of the two lines to the dot and you have a very simple little bow. Adding an accent color here would make the bow stand out...but I'm a lazy panda, so I left it as is. I think gold would be a lovely color to add as an accent.

I didn't use any top coat before taking the picture (I did add some afterwards, and it makes a world of a difference!) Top coat will help smooth out the rough bumps and make the overall fishnet look more clean.

I think it was definitely a fun experience using the striper nail brush. It's not as intimidating as it seems. (#newbie) I hope you enjoyed this nail design! It's got me thinking about Valentine's Day! Have a lovely week! Take care loves!