Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Manicure Monday: Subtle Valentine's Day Nails!

Hello there! We are less than a week away from Valentine's Day! Whether you have special plans with your special someone, or plans with your special self, I hope this nail look gets you inspired for a fun heart filled day!

Since I'm not one who is usually seen with red nails, I wanted to make this nail look a little bit on the subtle side but still in the lovey-dovey spirit!
Nail Polishes Used:

For the nail polishes, I went with a nude-beige base, Julep in Florence. Since I am lazy (typical of me, right?), I made sure that I'd just need one coat. I slathered it on! Thinking back, I should've used a light-sheer pink shade for the base! For the hearts, I used Nails Inc Gel Effect in The Boltons. This is a gorgeous deep, shimmer red. If I wanted to go all out, I probably would have used the red as the base. *_* I kind of regret it now. The white hearts, which I had on my accent nails was my trusty Sinful Colors in Snow Me White (it's actually getting a bit gloopy now, must get a replacement soon!) Because I am such a newbie at freehanding hearts, I used a top coat to smooth out the nails. (It's a lifesaver!)

Nail Art Tools Used:

Toothpick! Like I just mentioned, I am such a newbie at making hearts. My hands just start shaking. Hence some of my hearts look like they are about to burst. The easiest way to make a heart is to draw a "V" shape and then just add a bit more on the sides to create the hearts. For the open hearts, it really took a lot of patience. I was constantly dipping the toothpick into the polish pool, drawing a section, wiping the toothpick and repeating. This is too prevent large dots from filling up the heart! Even though the hearts are not perfect, I actually like how it ended up! If there were any other messy parts, I just used the base polish to "erase" all the mistakes.
Though I like the design of these nails, I can't really say I am 100% happy that I used a beige background color. It definitely tones down the overall look, so you're not going all out on your nails. I'm thinking about changing them, but since I'm lazy, I'll probably keep these nails. It's not a bad look for a more professional setting!

Nonetheless, I hope you liked this week's Manicure Monday! Take care and have a lovely week!