Monday, March 23, 2015

Manicure Monday: Featuring Springtime Daisy Inspired Nails

Hello there! It is officially (has been) spring! My favorite season of the year! Loving all these pastel colors and flowers blooming all over the place. It makes me happy. Since it is the start of spring, I decided to do a fun spring daisy flower inspired look!

Did ya miss me? I miss blogging like no other! Every day I think about it, but I've been so busy lately, I rarely have a chance to just blog. I am working on it though! The last two weeks have been so stressful and anxiety-driven for me. It was nice to just sit down and do my nails again!

Polishes Used:
  • Loreal Royally Yours
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Sephora Hello Kitty Banana Cream
Tools Used:
  • Flat nail art brush
  • Dotting tool

So for this look I decided to use a pastel blue as the base coat. Loreal Royally Yours was my more blueish pastel shade so I applied two coats of that.

I wanted to....well I didn't know what I want to do, so I used a flat nail art brush to paint on some petal-like shapes. To make the flowers, I used my trusty Sinful Colors in Snow Me White (I just purchased a new bottle during the last Walgreens $0.99 sale, my old one was getting gloopy!) If I were to do it again, I would probably use a striper nail brush or something a bit thinner. This one I used was too easy to create big blobs; I definitely had to be careful with it. I used a very light hand to make just the slightest stroke on the nails.

Using Hello Kitty in Banana Cream, a pastel yellow, I dotted on center of the flowers. Ideally, I should use a top coat to finish off the look, but I like changing up my nails on a weekly basis.

I took the pictures after a couple of days of wear. At work, I peel off stickers frequently so my nails are more prone to chipping! I hope you like the springtime look! I have a ton of content to post for future blogs, but it's been quite stressful lately. It's dying down nowadays, so I hope that I'll be able to have more posts out for you!

I hope you are doing well! Take care!