Monday, May 18, 2015

Manicure Monday! Featuring Daisy Nails!

 Oh my has been absolutely forever since my last Manicure Monday (if it was shorter....then it just feels like it's been forever!) Today I wanted to share with you a quickie one! Daisy-inspired!
I don't know if I like this look. I'm thinking...maybe if I used a different base color it would look a bit nicer, but oh well. Or...maybe if I only had some accent nails with daisies, it would seem a little less overwhelming. That's basically how I'm feeling about this one.

For the base and center of the nails, I decided to use Butter London in Champers. It is an absolutely stunning shimmery rose gold shade. Two coats is needed for opacity. For the daisies, I used Sinful Colors in Snow Me White.

I used a larger dotting tool to dot the flowers. If you look closely, you'll see that the thumb and ring fingers have slightly larger flowers. It is a very slight detail, maybe I'm the only one who'll notice it, but I did use a smaller dotting tool for the pointer and middle fingers, as well as the pinky!
I apologize for such terrible pictures. The second one has quite a bit of glare! :[ Welp. The first image is with flash. You can catch all those little silver shimmers in the bottle with it so much more clearly huh? The second image is without flash!

I really like the look of the daisies, maybe the next time I'll use a different color scheme. Nonetheless I hope you found some inspiration from this look!

Have a wonderful week! And take care!