Saturday, June 20, 2015

Foodie Diary: Skylon Tower All You Can Eat Dinner

Hello hello! I recently went on a trip to the east coast, and I wanted to share with you one of the places we had a chance to try out. The family buffet at Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls.

From the ground level, you'll request to eat at the buffet and then you'll go in an elevator that takes you up to the dining floor. It kind of reminds me of one of those rides that goes straight up at Magic Mountain but much, much slower (my mom normally freaks out about roller coasters and heights, but she did okay!)

This tower has two different food options when it comes to food time. Option 1: If you opt for a 3 course meal, you will be seated at the revolving dining room, where it essentially does a 360 degree spin in 60 mins, and you'll have a sky high view of the surrounding area (literally the surrounding area). Option 2: There is a family style all you can eat buffet on a higher floor for $39.95 ea and that room has a nice full view of Niagara Falls.

If you choose to just view the observatory, it's ~$14.95 per person.

Since my fam is a lover of buffets, we went for the second option. The food choices weren't as plentiful as another ayce places of this sort, though I still enjoyed it. There were three "sections" so to speak.

The first section includes salads and cold pastas, seafood, and other such dishes. My dad always gets a huge plate of salad when we go to buffets, and he pleasantly enjoyed the salad options and taste here. The second section includes warm foods: French fries, chicken strips, pastas, prime rib, fish, minestrone soup, stir-fry noodles and such. The third section is desserts: mini tarts, pies, cakes, fruits, mini donuts and such. (They actually list the menu on the site, if you want to check it out as well.)

All the food was in a little room, which was confusing at first because there were two separate lines which both lead to section one on the ends, and then it meets together to the second section. The way it was set up was kind of cluttered. The food was good though. I give it 3.5-4/5 stars on taste overall. It looks like a really elegant dining room area though, and the view was indeed stunning.

The drinks were overpriced like no other. For a little glass, it was $3.50 (no refills). You could also put in some extra dollars and go for the free refills option which includes a souvenir cup, but it's also around the same size as the glass, and I think it's limited to three refills. (Bro hit the max, that's why I know it's limited refills, lol). (Water comes with the meal though!)

After our meal, we went up to the observatory deck. You could walk around it and view the surrounding area. It's breathtaking! It can get really windy up there, I thought I was gonna get blown away! There's a little souvenir shop up there as well! At the ground level, there is an arcade and little shops where you can also purchase souvenirs and knickknacks from as well!

It was a fun dining and exploring experience, and I definitely recommend you try it at least once!
couple of shots from the top!