Monday, July 6, 2015

Manicure Monday: Wave Gel Nails! White to Pink Nails!

Hello there! Long time no talk! Today I wanted to share with you some gel nails I've been rocking for the past few weeks (literally on my 3rd week with these nails)! I have been absolutely obsessed with these nails. They change color depending on the temperature!

While I was visiting the family on the east coast, one of my aunts offered to do my nails for me at the hair/nail shop that another aunt owns. I don't do well with endless opportunities, and was actually going to opt for a mint shade, but my cousin told me to try one of the mood polishes.

The one I picked was in number 3, which is a white to pink shade. This polish has a glitter base with hexagonal and circular glitters that range from small to micro glitters in size. The color of the polish goes from a white to an almost fuchsia shade depending on the temperature. The color is normally a pale white (warm temperature) but in cooler temperatures (when I'm washing my hands or holding something cold, at work, etc), it transitions to a bold pink shade.

This polish amuses me, and I enjoy seeing a mix between both ends of the spectrum. This is actually the first time I have tried on a gel polish (as opposed to those gel effects polishes). My aunt used a gel base coat, two coats of the polish, and a gel top coat for these nails. A gel lamp was used between each coat.

I like the shade I picked. It is a really glossy finish. You can kind of see the subtle whites of the tips, but only when the polish is white.

Overall, I enjoy these nails. I think it is a fun polish to try out. It definitely makes me a little more conscious of my nails, in the good way.

I wish I could find this polish, but it doesn't look like a polish that is readily available. I actually can't find much info on the brand either. They do have a website:, if you are interested in checking out their products.

I love the quality of this polish. I don't know if it was because of my aunt's technique, or the polish itself, or some combination of both, or maybe even the fact that it's gel nails, but I am on my third week, and the nails still look pretty good. It is visible in some areas that the polish is lifting, but there has been absolutely no chipping. As someone who frequently uses her nails during work and such, it's been a pleasant surprise how well these nails have held up. I wish that I could just replace all my polishes with these color changing polishes/gel nail polishes, because they have not disappoint!
after three weeks! and some filing of the edges. this is the longest my nails have been in a while!
I hope you enjoyed this week's Manicure Monday. I have been doing quite a bit of travelling, but so I'll be back to my normal work routine soon. Hopefully I'll have a chance to do a couple of posts about my trips soon! Take care for now!

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