Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sponsored| Chomps Snack Sticks Review

Hello there! Today, I have a little snack review for you! This may not be something I would normally review, but why not? (Food is life! And I love snacking!)

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From the Chomps' site:

By going back to basics, we cook up high quality jerky snacks than you can enjoy anytime, guilt-free. We start with only a few organic ingredients, such as 100% Grass-Fed Non-GMO New Zealand Beef and a handful of natural spices, then blend them together to create filling, tasty treats that feature the naturally enhanced flavor of authentic beef.

Each and every one of Chomps’ products are filled with 9g of protein, more than most typical jerky sticks. They’re also made with no added sugars and no gluten, making them perfect paleo snacks.

Our snack sticks have no MSG or nitrates, no fillers, no binders, and no added preservatives. Because we use celery juice to make our jerky stay fresh, you needn’t worry about synthetic preservation ingredients that could put your health at risk. Additionally, our jerky sticks have less salt than most of those made by other commercial manufacturers.

Reviewing Time!

Chomps is a brand that has a very promising product! Have you heard of Slim Jims? Or any kind of meat sticks? Well...Chomps has their own version of beef sticks! If you look at it, it looks just like your typical beef stick, BUT it's not!
These snack sticks are made from 100% Grass Fed Beef, no hormones,  no nitrates, no nitrites, and no antibiotics.  They also don't have MSG and they're gluten and preservative-free! It's basically a beef stick but a "healthier" version of it!

Overall, these beef sticks taste amazing! I was really hesitant about the celery juice, and these "healthier" sounding components to the Chomps Snack Sticks, but it didn't deter away from a good tasting snack. Both my lovelie and I agree that these taste different than your typical beef sticks, but in a good way. They are less salty, which is a huge plus for me! Check out nutrition facts of all three flavors here. With "beef sticks," I imagine kind of like a greasy, oily feel to it, but these had no greasiness. My hands were saved from that icky feeling! I don't know how they do it!

I received three different flavors: OriginalCrankin' Cranand Hoppin' Jalepeno. 

The flavors sound kind of weird, right? That's what I thought! I initially thought that I would only like the original because the other flavors were too "exotic" for me, but I ended up loving the other two flavors more than the original.

My order of preference for most liked to least is Hoppin' Jalepeno, Crankin' Cran, and Original.
My lovelie's order of preference is Crankin' Cran, Hoppin' Jalepeno, and Original.

The Hoppin' Jalepeno definitely has a kick to it, as you can kind of guess from the name. I am not one who loves crazy spicy things, but it was tolerable for me. Tolerable enough for me to love it the most!  Since I know my tolerance with spiciness is different from everyone else, I'll just say that it is spicy, but it's more of a kick than sweating and having to go drench your mouth in milk. Take that as you will.

The Crankin Cran was my lovelie's favorite of the three. It is the sweetest one, a bit fruity, but it's not a distinguishable cranberry taste.

The Original tastes like beef and spices. It really tastes like your typical beef stick, but a healthier, cleaner version. If you take a look at the ingredient list, you can see that there really isn't many ingredients that you would expect in these snack sticks. The ingredients are simple and easy to understand too; there's no weird, complex chemical sounding ingredients in it either! Ingredient list here!

Additional Information:
Received: December 2015
Made in: USA
Size: 1 oz (28g) each
Flavors: Original, Crankin' Cran, Hoppin' Jalapeno
Site to Purchase: 
($11.25/5 count + $4 flat rate shipping on orders under $75)
Note: Sponsored Product!

Overall thoughts:

I hope these products will be more readily available! I love the taste of these snack sticks; they are packed with flavor, which can seem surprising since these seem to have such simple ingredients! I highly recommend them to anyone who likes Slim Jims and such products. If you're looking for a new snack, definitely check out the site! The only thing I have against this product is the packaging. Maybe I missed something, but I could not just open it with my bare hands, which made it harder for road trips (which was when I attempted to eat one of them!) I didn't notice any perforated marks and couldn't peel it! Regardless, these are such a better alternative to normal beef sticks, and I really hope that they will come out with more products, maybe even beef jerky! 10/10!

I hope you enjoyed my review! I am working on more posts, so stay tuned for that!  Have a lovely day!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Product was received for testing and reviewing purposes. As always, opinions are my own.